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FREE Cocktail/Mocktail for all school, college and university leavers!

FREE Cocktails/Mocktails

- Congratulations on finishing your studies! You deserve a treat at Mamma Linas Italian restaurant, where you can enjoy authentic and delicious dishes from Italy.

- Whether you prefer pizza, pasta, salad or meat, we have something for everyone. And to make your celebration even more special, throughout July, we are offering a FREE cocktail or mocktail with every main meal served to school, college and university leavers throughout July.

- All you have to do is tell us you are a leaver when you order, and choose from our selection of refreshing and tasty drinks. You can have a classic Margarita, a fruity Daiquiri, a creamy Pina Colada or a non-alcoholic Mojito, among others.

- Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate your achievements with your friends and family at Mamma Linas Italian restaurant. Book your table now and get ready for a memorable night of food, drinks and fun!


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