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Our Metre Long Pizzas Make the News

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

As you might well be aware, we have introduced ‘Pizza Al Metro’, a new addition to our menu and what is thought to be a first in Wales. To date, it's popularity has been fantastic.

Pizza Al Metro is an extra large pizza measuring approximately one metre in length that is traditionally shared by friends and families in Italy when they meet in ristorantes and trattorie’s during the day.

Mamma Lina’s has combined this traditional Italian dish with another famous export from Italy to offer customers ‘Pizza & Bottomless Prosecco’ which is available from 12-2 from Friday and Saturday in their restaurant.

Customers can order multiple toppings for the pizza which is hand made in the restaurant including the all-important spinning in the air. Generous helpings of homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and extra virgin oil is then added before the toppings and the pizza is cooked in a wood fired stone oven that was manufactured in Naples and imported for the restaurant.

The pizzas are then presented to the customers and sliced at their tables at the same time the wine coolers containing the crisp, sparkling Prosecco arrives.

The Mamma Lina’s ‘Pizza & Bottomless Prosecco’ costs just £30 per person and includes a metre long pizza and bottomless Prosecco top-ups for two hours for a booking of four people and a half metre pizza for bookings of two.

Mamma Lina’s – A Quick Introduction

Mamma Lina’s is owned and run by Gianluca Pandolfi and Massimo Intriglia, two cousins who with their families, opened the restaurant in 2015 and have been in their current location which also includes a cocktail bar since 2016.

Gianluca manages the front of house whilst Massimo the Head Chef is responsible for ensuring each dish that leaves his kitchen is true to the family recipes he uses which were passed onto him by his mother who the restaurant derives its name from.

Mamma Lina’s isn’t just an Italian pizza restaurant. We

offer an extensive menu including many Italian favourites and have created a very warm, welcoming environment in their restaurant which has gained them a very loyal customers base that extends beyond Newport and the surrounding areas. The restaurant has been awarded the Trip Advisor ‘Certificate for Excellence’ for the past three years.



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